A - List With Us

When you trust and hire The Niel Group to sell your property, our goal is to net you the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of problems. We achieve this objective by abiding by the first rule of marketing and selling a home, which is to create as much attention and traffic as possible. We start this process during the important time period just prior to your home officially hitting the market.

In order to combat diminishing negotiating power with each day that your home is listed for sale, we aggressively advertise your property to create pre-market buzz and identify interested buyers that will compete with one another the day that your home is officially offered for purchase. By marketing during this window, we tap into people’s naturally occurring human emotions of wanting what they can’t have and fear of missing out.

RE/MAX of Orange Beach has the exclusive right to market your home on the national ComingSoonHomes.com website. Watch the exciting video below to learn more about how this program works and why it is so important to market your home as “Coming Soon.”

As you’ve already learned, The Niel Group isn’t just going to post your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and hope that another agent produces a buyer. After helping you determine a competitive price at which to market your property (Get My Home's Value, Instantly), we begin implementing one of the most aggressive marketing plans on the Gulf Coast. If your property makes it through the pre-market phase without an accepted contract, we intently focus on continuing to attract interested buyers to your property by employing the following actions:

• Provide and advertise professional photography and videography of your property
• Feature your property on a multitude of websites and social media platforms
• Create a property specific website and advertise it heavily online
• Market and host professional open houses that generate a large amount of traffic
• Implement aggressive online marketing that generates a large amount of buyer leads
• Reverse search our extensive electronic buyer database to identify potential buyers
• Install professional sign(s) if applicable

After all the marketing has taken place and an offer is on the table, we negotiate and structure the sale to best suit your needs. We then employ a comprehensive transaction management plan to ensure that the transaction closes smoothly.

If you are considering selling your home, please contact The Niel Group so that we can design a tailored plan to professionally market and sell your property.

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